Monday, July 15, 2013


"..and then you just jump and fly Borko.. it's in your heart.."

His house/nest

Borko a week later. Growing strong hour by hour. Learning skills day by day. He has his nest now outside the house and he's overlooking the land infornt of our garden. Soon he will be off to hunt there.

Will keep you updated! :))

the island baby - part 1

Island baby

Place where he was found

In gentle hands
On his way to Zagreb
 As many of you know, this summer we had our "summer baby". But in another form. In an owl body.
Borko (Pine tree) was found, guess where, under a pine tree in a magical old street in the quiteset of the quitest small streets in a small vilage on island of Pašman on the Croatian coast.

He was a fluffy ball of baby feathers  but sure enough he was a big eater of raw meat! Which made us very happy as it meant he is a healthy owl which needs a bit of food and shealter from the wind, sun and that was all he needed to be sustained alive.
We couldn't help but give him a little love and cuddles though. Hoping it will not hurt his chances of survival in the wild. (He loves to fall asleep while being brushed on the top of his head :))

So, Borko was on a ship and then in a car soon enough and found himself in his nes temporary home, near Zagreb.
First couple of days he was quite, how should I say... - domesticated!

The idea is to make sure he lives freely. That he learns to feed himself and simply put - stay alive in the wild.
an owly sleepy hello!

that's right! I decided to spend my life with books. Education should start early you know

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fabrics Oh thy fabrics!

I adore fabrics.
It's true.
Even years and years ago when I wasn't sewing or doing anything similar, I use to spend an hour a day just surfing the web looking at - fabric!

Well. My house is full of it now.
But still... there was something kinda missing. It just was not enough.

So, walls in our new house are still quite empty + are gettin' dirty and are in desperate need of some new paint.. but in the meantime... I just thought - why not!?

Voila! Living room wall fabricited :)))

Even the boys like it.  Oh, and Mauro's friend Mia came around Today and sad that it's totaly cool.
That's enough for me!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bloggin' is not my thing. but. when you're sick and on bed rest.....

Hello people
I thought I'd start the blog with some photos of "normal" me as my face currently looks similar to Quasimodo's due to some alergy.
So. Here we are.
This is us. not all but some 80% of the crowd.
my delightful friends and me

tushies enjoying the sunny photoshoot

Micika. NOT enjoying any sort of photoshooting. even if she's not the star

so she's hiding in the bush. how tipical!

our home

THE guy

that's all for today folks!